Intertwining Entertainment Artists with One Another

Entertwine is a social media platform MADE by an artist FOR artists

Producto Piadoso By Dance Media Productions (Armand Nel)

What is this?

Entertwine is a social media platform dedicated to pulling the curtains back on the entertainment industry. 

This is a platform made for you, your creations, your questions, your resources, your knowledge, and your community to be. All in one space.

  • Here you can create and maintain your Resume/Portfolio

  • Stay up to date with industry news

  • Chat and make connections with those in the industry

  • And search for whatever your art needs: people, locations, rentals, permits, grants, etc.


Revolutionize the Industry

The industry isn't doing the world justice. 

There are too many faces:

       Julien Labastarde              Kyiana Williams           Nicole Gentile         

Too many stories:


7000 Days of Isolation Written by Kinsley Gomez 

Read by Chris Mcllveen, Amy Pierce, Kristyna Zaharek, Noah Eppler, and Nick Priquette

That aren't being seen.

So be Seen

Come thrive. Inside.